Walkie Talkies for Kids Adults Long Range Rechargeable 3 Pack



【Family Bonding Made Easy】:Engage in hours of fun and stay connected with your walkie talkies for kids and adults. The portable walkie-talkies with larger batteries are perfect for family indoor and outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, biking, boating, road trips, cs games, and other family adventures. Say goodbye to screen time, dive into a world of interaction, fostering memories that last


  • 【Simplicity At Its Best】:Crafted with care, the drop-proof walky talky is easy-to-use with just 1 quick step. No complicated instructions, just instant communication at your fingertips. Ideal for children, seniors, and everyone in between. Personalize your channel and let the conversations flow. You can also lock the keypad to prevent accidental changes to the channel or turning off the device
  • 【Cost-Effective & Planet-Friendly】:Why keep buying batteries? With the USB rechargeable walkie talkies, say goodbye to repeatedly buying and trashing batteries. The original charging kit ensures you stay planet-friendly while saving money. The USB fast charging cable is also more convenient for charging anytime, anywhere, such as charging from a PC, car charger or power bank
  • 【Clarity Like Never Before】:Experience crystal-clear conversations with our upgraded squelch system and high-output speaker, which automatically suppresses background noises, delivering an HD sound quality. The HD voice walkie-talkies have a strong signal that can pass clearly through homes, so your kids can still talk with neighbor children when they are inside. No more worrying about your kids feeling lonely when it rains or at nighttime
  • 【Long Range & Unleash Your Adventure】:Venture with peace of mind. Whether you’re on a hiking trail or in your backyard, your long range walkie talkies ensure you’re always in touch, making it easier to look out for one another. Whether at home or exploring the great outdoors, your walkie talkies for kids & adults rechargeable are your ticket to fun. From backyard games to camping trips, experience the difference with our better-quality, long range walkie talkies that keep loved ones within reach
  • 【Stay Hands-Free With iVOX】:Engage in seamless chats without pressing the PTT button, especially handy when you’re multitasking or on the move. For example, whether you’re climbing, cycling, fishing, cooking or setting up tents, communicate without pressing any buttons – perfect when you’re all hands-on-deck
  • 【Always Weather-Ready With NOAA】:Whether sun, rain, or snow, stay ahead with our NOAA All Hazards Weather Service feature. Be informed and prepared for any unexpected changes in weather conditions when your phone has no signal during your trip. It’s essential for families who love outdoor adventures, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of mother nature


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