Sharpie Permanent Markers, Multi-Tip Pack, Fine/Ultra Fine/Chisel Tip, Black, 6 Count



Sharpie Permanent Markers inspire you to transform ordinary surfaces into passionately creative statements. Made to write practically everywhere, vivid Sharpie markers eliminate dull and boring.

Marker Type: Permanent Marker

Pen Point Style: Fine, Conical

Count: 6

Color: Black


While pale imitations wither away, Sharpie markers make creations that endure. Featuring a bold fine point built for jaw-dropping marks, Sharpie Permanent Markers ignite courageous self-expression. Pack contains 6 black multi-tip markers, 2 Fine, 2 Ultra Fine and 2 Chisel tip. Great for adults, students, and artists.
  • Sharpie Permanent Markers
  • Black Color
  • For Adults, Students and Aspiring Artists
  • Multi-tip pack
  • Includes 2 Fine, 2 Ultra-Fine, and 2 Chisel-Tip Sharpie Permanent Markers
  • 6 Count
  • Sharpie is the #1 Teacher Choice* for the classroom! *Based on School Family Media Teacher Lists supply list database, Dec 2022.
  • Great for adults, students, and artists.

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