Morton Iodized Salt (64oz.)



With Morton® Iodized Salt, you can keep your kitchen well-stocked on an essential seasoning as well as have easy access to a nutrient that’s vital to your body’s health. This bulk package is perfect for use at home as well as in commercial kitchens.

This package contains one four-pound box of iodized table salt.

This box has an easy-open metal spout that makes pouring and measuring a breeze and keeps the package securely fastened when closed. This iodized salt is perfect for everyday use in the home for seasoning foods, creating sauces and stocks and marinades and rubs.

It’s also perfect for these same reasons in professional kitchens and makes refilling smaller salt shakers fast and mess free. Salt is not only a favorite seasoning agent and a kitchen staple, it can be used for a range of uses around the home. At Morton Salt, we make sure only the best salt crystals reach your plate, so every dish you create will be as flavorful as you intend

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  • Great for everyday use – This is an iodized salt, perfect for everything from cooking and baking, to filling salt shakers.
  • Restaurant supplies staple – This bulk pack is specially created for restaurants, foodservice and commercial kitchens.
  • Quality you can trust – Our quality ensures your quality. Morton’s high quality standards ensure that you are bringing the best ingredients to your customers and employees.
  • All-purpose – This all-purpose salt features uniformly shaped crystals making it the perfect salt when precise measurements are critical.
  • Iodized – This salt supplies iodine, a necessary nutrient for proper thyroid function.

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