Kool Aid Jammers Tropical Punch Kids Drink 0% Juice Box Pouches Value Pack, 30 Ct Box, 6 fl oz Pouches



Kool-Aid Jammers artificially flavored Tropical Punch Drink Pouches deliver fun with a sweet blend of mixed fruit flavors. Our delicious summer beverage contains 75% less sugar than leading regular sodas (per 12 fl oz, this product 10g total sugar, leading regular sodas 40g total sugar), making it a great fruit flavored drink for kids to enjoy. Packed in a convenient drink pouch, kids can enjoy this fun drink at home, at the beach, or packed in their summer camp lunches. Each case of tropical punch Kool Aid Jammers contains 30 pouches to enjoy at any of your summer parties for Memorial Day or Fourth of July. Enjoy flavorful fun made easy. Available in a rainbow of flavors!

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