Great Value Everyday Disposable Plastic Cups, Clear, 16 oz, 50 count



When it’s time to take the party outside, always bring along our Great Value Party Plastic Cups! Nothing says it’s time for pools, backyard barbecues, and great times like our bright red party cups. These durable drink holders are essential for keeping your beverages clean and cold while on the go – at the beach, at a company picnic, in the backyard, or anywhere your day takes you.

  • Great Value Plastic Party Cups, 18 oz, 50 Count
  • 50 cups/18 oz each
  • Non-slip ridged design
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for quick cleanup


Never worry about dropping your drink; while other cups can get slippery with condensation, our unique ridged design gives our cups a comfortable hold, making messy spills a thing of the past. With 50 18-ounce cups in every package, you can invite all your neighbors over and get ready to let the good times roll. The next time you’re planning a fun get together, make sure you have our Great Value Party Plastic Cups to bring the party home!

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