Fabuloso Microfiber Cleaning Mitt, 3 Pack, Blue



At Fabuloso, we know life is full of everyday messiness, and that’s why we focus on products that help you refresh your space – and do it with a bit of flair.

Our products help you tackle that to-do list with style and exuberance. Get what you need to do done quicker so you can focus on what you want to do. You’ll love the bold and powerful clean of our Fabuloso microfiber mitt.

The Fabuloso Microfiber Mitt allows you to quickly dust and clean places you might regularly struggle to reach. Slide your hand into this one-size-fits-all cleaning mitt, and the elastic cuff will help to keep it in place as you sweep away dust and debris! You’ll whizz through the whole house in no time, leaving behind no lint, swirls, or scratches on your furniture.

Slip between window blinds, across tops of televisions, and whizz through your trophy cabinet with a song in your heart.

The microfiber noodles wipe away dirt and debris while leaving your car clean and without scratches and swirls. The microfiber material of these cleaning mitts is extra plush and absorbent, making them perfect for wiping away dust or using wet with soap for washing down surfaces.

Fabuloso is a brand meant for anyone who takes pride in their home and wants it to shine! Your satisfaction is our priority.

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  • REUSABLE HAND MITT FOR CLEANING – Simply wash and reuse time and time again
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – Mitt can be reused and washed in machine without losing its soft microfiber feel and absorbency and softness
  • LINT-FREE, SCRATCH-FREE CLEAN – Gentle on painted surfaces or wood furniture
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Slide your hand inside the mitt, and the elastic cuff will help keep it in place while you clean
  • GREAT FOR DUSTING FURNITURE, CARS & MORE – Use dry for dusting furniture and wiping down surfaces, or use with soap and water for washing cars


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