Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in Light Syrup (106 oz.)



Enjoy juicy fruits picked at the peak of ripeness with Del Monte® Fruit Cocktail in Light Syrup. This large can is perfect for serving at parties and after family dinners.


  • Fruits picked at the peak of ripeness
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors
  • Naturally fat-free
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What’s in Del Monte Fruit Cocktail?

This mixed fruit cocktail is made with a delicious mix of peaches, pears, grapes, cherries and pineapple that are naturally sweet and perfectly ripened. The fruit is diced into bite-sized pieces and packed in a light syrup.

Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in Light Syrup is a better alternative to many other snacks and desserts. It is made with real fruits that are ripe and juicy and stored in a light syrup that helps retain the fruits’ natural deliciousness.

How Convenient is Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in Light Syrup?

With this canned fruit cocktail, all you have to do is open the can to immediately enjoy fresh, tasty mixed fruit. Instead of buying expensive fruits from the market with questionable ripeness, Del Monte has selected the quality fruits to ensure they are juicy and delicious. The fruit is already diced for convenience, so there is no need to fiddle with knives or make a mess.

How to Enjoy Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in Light Syrup?

Enjoy this fruit cocktail right out of the can, divided into bowls for guests and topped with a dollop of whipped cream for extra indulgence. This mixed fruit cocktail can also be ladled out onto ice cream, cakes, cereals and anywhere juicy fresh fruit will be enjoyed.

Who Makes this Fruit Cocktail?

Del Monte has selected and packed the finest fruits for more than 100 years. It is a company that prides itself on providing families with easy and healthy snacks and desserts that are just as tasty as they are wholesome. Partnering with trusted, multi-generational farmers is another way Del Monte creates products that are the highest-quality and nutritionally sound.

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