Clorox Disinfecting All Purpose Cleaner Bleach Free, Crisp Lemon, 32 fl oz


Prevents odor-causing bacteria growth on hard, nonporous surfaces for up to 48 hours. Great for everyday use, this Clorox™ spray is gentle enough to use on many surfaces in your home. Reach for it to clean messes and power through the toughest stains, including grease, grime and soap scum.
Get Clorox™ cleaning power without the bleach. Clorox™ Disinfecting All Purpose Cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is proven to kill COVID-19, no bleach necessary.

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 This disinfecting spray leaves behind a Crisp Lemon™ scent without the harsh odor of bleach for a sparkling clean experience in your home. Can be used as a household cleaner on multiple hard, nonporous surfaces, including kitchen sinks, counters, refrigerators, appliances, tubs, toilets, fiberglass, floors, showers and tile. With the bottle’s spray nozzle, you can easily and evenly apply the solution to any surface. The easy to use trigger lets you spray into corners and hard to reach places. This cleaner leaves your home sparkling clean and smelling fresh.
  • BLEACH FREE DISINFECTANT: Clorox™ Disinfecting All Purpose Cleaner is formulated without bleach, but doesn’t compromise the cleaning power you need in your home
  • DISINFECTS AND CLEANS: Not only does this Clorox spray disinfect, but also effectively cleans surfaces to fight the toughest stains, including grease, grime and soap scum
  • ALL PURPOSE CLEANER: This Clorox™ disinfectant is great for everyday use, with no harsh odors or damage to surfaces, so you can use it throughout the home
  • KILLS 99.9% OF BACTERIA AND VIRUSES: This Clorox™ cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is proven to kill the COVID-19 virus, yet is gentle enough for daily cleaning
  • TRUSTED POWER OF CLOROX™: You can always trust Clorox™ to get the job done—from cleaning messes on your home’s surfaces to disinfecting for your health, get a confident clean with Clorox™

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