Pen+Gear 3-Ring Durable View Binder, 1.5″ Slanted D-Rings, Black



When it comes to organization, our Pen+Gear 3-Ring Durable View Binder Black offers so much more. For starters, it features a lightweight multi-layer construction, which makes it easy to carry, and includes 1.5-inch slanted D-rings, as opposed to standard round rings, so it can hold more paper; 375 sheets to be exact.

Features: Durable

Brand: Pen+Gear

Color: Black

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Plus, it comes complete with two handy interior pockets for extra storage, see-through front and back cover pockets, and a side pocket that makes labeling and decoration a snap. Clearly, our Pen+Gear 3-Ring Durable View Binder is the perfect choice for document organization at home, work, or for school projects.

  • 3-ring binder with 1 1/2″ rings and 375 sheet capacity
  • D-rings hold more sheets than standard round rings
  • Two clear interior storage pockets


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