Back To School Spirit. Draw And Write Journal For Kids (Paperback)



This Primary Journal for grades K-2 (ages 5-8) has a colorful design, appealing to children of all ages.

Language: English

Publisher: Lulu Press

Book Format: Paperback

Original Languages: English

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Perfect for preschoolers and children in kindergarten through grades 2 and 3, this primary journal composition notebook features a blank area for drawing at the top of each page, half-space for pictures and a line-writing area at the bottom, half-spacing between lines (with dotted midline) In no time they will perfect their alphabet letters with the help of guided pages and lines! About this primary journal: HANDWRITING PRACTICE PAPER for cursive writing and learning letters and numbers. COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK FOR KIDS – Excellent teaching resource and educational aid for early learners. BLANK DRAW AND WRITE JOURNAL FOR KIDS – Use as a journal, diary or to create your own stories or as part of your homeschool supplies. Preschool writing for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and children. 8.5″ x 11″ – large size provides plenty of space to write inside, perfect for reading, writing, and drawing High-quality paper. Make buying school supplies for kindergarten fun this year! Buy today to help your child confidently take their first step into the fun world of cursive writing. Help your child bring their ideas and stories to life with their kindergarten writing paper – scroll up and click “add to cart” today to prepare your child for calligraphy skills that will boost their reading comprehension, writing, and success in school! Quiet parents, happy kids!
Back To School Spirit. Draw And Write Journal For Kids (Paperback)


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